There are different levels of partnership in Øresund Fintech given your aim and possibilities. Support an Øråd or become a continuous partner of Øresund Fintech. Do you want to know more? Contact us. 

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Øråd Partner

If you become member of Øresund Fintech you only get one discounted seat to our Øråd events to be used by one specific person at your company. If that isn't enough your company has the opportunity to become Øråd Partner. By becoming an Øråd Partner you can bring more than one person to the event and get additional discounted seats to bring clients, suppliers or colleagues to our events. Besides the discounted seats your logo will be shown on our website and you can participate in our discussions and knowledge sharing in the community. 

All prices exclude VAT.

For more information about becoming Øråd Partner, please fill in your contact information by clicking the link below. 

Theme Partner - Øråd

Do you wish to become a Theme Partner to one of our events we call Øråd? As a Theme Partner your company will be seen in connection to the Øråd and also in our communication before, during and after the Øråd. As a Theme Partner you help us create an exciting afternoon filled with insights and knowledge. Together we discuss how you and your company in the best way can interact with the community and help us form the theme for the Øråd. For more information please contact the contact person listed below for the specific Øråd and theme, or contact for more general information. 

Gold Partner - 25 000 SEK

Silver Partner - 10 000 SEK

Contact to become a Theme partner

Øråd - Blockchain: Melina Katcic, Barrel AI,, 070 731 74 50

Øråd - Fintech Trends: Liza Nydén, HD-Sydsvenskan,, 073 315 35 20

Øresund Fintech

If you want to support Øresund Fintech and contribute the Fintech business in our region you should become partner. 


Co-founder and Chairman of the Board, Joachim Samuelsson, 070 846 47 88

THINK Accelerate - Fintech Accelerate Program

During the spring of 2018 we will start a Fintech Accelerator in cooperation with THINK Accelerate. Becoming a partner to the accelerator program is an prolific way of both giving and receiving knowledge. 


Alexander Bastien, Managing Director THINK Accelerate